Sunday 22 September 2019

Schoolgirl Zombie...........

Hello everyone!!

Well, in the event that I don't get so excited about the card I made for my Dream Team post tomorrow and share it today because I just can't wait...Nope...wait....that's just what I have done!!! but she's sooooo cute and I had so much fun with it!! so....I'm sneaking in with a post for you today using the terrifyingly gorgeous Schoolgirl Zombie.

And her sentiment!!! oh my days!! It's just perfect for a Monday! I couldn't help myself but make a funny little verse to go inside too! It had to be funny and zombie-themed so this is what I came up with...

I love it!! I've put it on my desk out in the crafty garage/ Little Mo Momelearning zone to keep me going tomorrow! I already know I'm going to be spent in the morning before I even get anywhere because its 5:41pm now and I am heading to bed already! I am exhausted after girly time took it's a toll on me this week.

I have new meds for it and am being referred to the hospital to see what they can do for me. I am having my bloods done on Tuesday too to check my haemoglobin levels just in case they are low but I think they'll be ok you know.

Right, my duvet is calling me! I'm going to listen to my body and go catch that train to the zzzzzz's!!!

Thank you for popping in, Hugs Lou xx