Saturday 28 November 2009

The most super day!!!

Hello everyone!!!

I have had the most super day!! I went to my first ever crafty club!! yey me!!! Anyone who knows me personally will know I have a bit of a nervous thing and struggle to get myself to go for things but my amazing DH Scott told me that I needed to do some things for me so when ali said they were having a crafty club I signed up!!!
Today we made tag books. I have made mini tag books before and other kinds of tag books bt i have never really embellied up the pages so this was a new thing for me!!! I love new things, they keep up my inspiration for all things crafty!!!
This one os for some very dear friends of mine who have just had their first baby boy. He is the star of the book on the first page!! The book itself was made with a 12x12 piece of card stock, (i broke into my stroke it only basic grey for this one!!!) and used my forever friend baby paper.
The tags were cut on my cricut from TBBM, in shadow and then normal to get the little decorated paper on. The gorgeous bear is from nitwits and the ribbon I got from a shop in the UK called 'Boyes' (its a bit of everything kind of shop!!)
The stamps are my very lovely present from andrea, thank you andrea, they are gorgeous xxxxxxxx

Here’s the front of the tag book.


The first and second page,Tags in!!


Tags out!! awww!!


The third and fourth page,Tags in!!


Tags out!!


I couldn’t leave the back cover out!!


A close up of the star of the book!!  awwwwwww!!!


Thank you for popping in xxx