Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Little Mo's bookmark for nannie.

I know this isn't made by me but I love it and am so proud I had to share it!!!!
This is the bookmark my gorgeous little boy made for his nannie today, he was looking through one of his 'little boy making books' as he calls it, (it is actually my yellowmoon book but it is for little people and where most of his crafty bits come from!!!) and he saw a bookmark and decided he wanted to make it for nannie, I didn't have any bookmarks ( am a bad mummy!!!!) so I cut him a bit of white material. He made some little snips in the bottom to make it lok like the one in the book and I helped him to sort out the letters for 'nannie' (he is only 4 and doesn't know all his letters yet and the ones he does know are lowercase, whereas these stickers were uppercase!!!) I love the way he placed then down the bookmark, proud mummy moment as I thought he placed them really well. Then I gave him his puffy glitter fabric paints and he decorated around the letters (another proud mummy moment as he was so cute and careful with his little tongue popping out the side of his mouth and he didn't want to get paint on the letters,awwwww...!!!)
Thankyou for popping in for a peek,I will tell Little Mo you looked!!!xxxx


  1. wow this is great he must take after you very creative & fun

  2. Wowee Little Mo what a fantastic bookmark you made for your Nannie. She will really love it! And like your mummy said you put the letters on perfectly and I love the glitter and fringe that you cut. I can tell you're a really clever little boy! Well done

    love from
    Julie xx


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