Friday, 3 February 2012

Little Mo post!

 Morning Peeps!!

Ok, so we have a Little Mo post this morning!! I was so proud I had to take lots of piccies as he was going along!!! :)
Its Little Mo's teachers birthday today. When I got home from work last night Mo said they have been doing portraits at school and for Miss Cook's birthday he wanted to a do a portrait of her.
So he got out his canvas's and pencils.He always draws on his canvas's first which I think is a fab idea! he really took his time on this though and I think it has come out so beautifully.

 By the time he had gotten this pencil drawing done it was bath and bedtime so we had to leave it for the night. This morning as soon as he got up he wanted to finish it off as he needed to take it to school today, I have never seen him eat a crumpet so fast!!!! lol!!!
Painting was the job this morning so he got out his watercolours and got busy!! he asked for some help mixing the colour for the face as " I don't have the right pinky colour mummy"!

 A nice big brush and a blue background later and.......

 Here is Little Mo's teacher, Miss Cook!!
 I am so daftly proud of this painting! I love that he knows what he to do for a gift for someone without us having to give him ideas, I love that he prefers to make stuff rather than go buy it, I love that he sticks his little tongue out when he is busy concentrating and I absolutely love the cuteness in how nervous  he is to give his gift!! its so sweet.
And here's the little card he made for her on mummy's Happy Happy Birthday from Funky Hand...
Before he wrapped it I printed out these photographs and tied them together for her to keep. Mostly I do that because its cute but sometimes I do it because I am just amazed by how beautiful the things he makes are and the fact that sometimes I cannot believe he has actually sat and done them!!!! I don't know where his little love for painting comes from, I can't paint to save my life!!!!

Right off for work for me now. I am not feeling so well today...grrrrrr monthlies!! but I know keeping busy will keep me going!!!
Have a great day peeps!
huge hugs Lou xxxx


  1. Hi Lou and Mo

    What a brilliant post.

    Great to see creativity in action!

    I bet Miss Cook loved her card and gift. What a lucky teacher she is to have a thoughtful and creative Mo in her class!

    Have a great weekend both of you.

    Love Jules xx

  2. Oh my goodness how sweet is that! What a little artist! Great job, Little Mo! :)

    Her beautiful eyes are my favorite part. I'm sure she will love it. Thanks for sharing!

    -Annie Rose

  3. Morning Mo these are just so gorgeous, I love the pics showing how you made it and the painting is fabulous, hugs pops x

  4. Aww Mo you are going to make your teachers day! the painting is absolutely beautiful!!! Proud Mummy you are right to be Lou :) Joey xx

  5. Miss Cook must be so proud of her star pupil - I think you have an atist in the making.

    Well done Little Mo.


  6. Aww Lou, this post brought tears to my eyes! You and your hubby have such an amazing little boy and it's all down to you two! I wish just half the children in the school where I teach had a mummy like you - you're brilliant!! I'm sure Mrs Cook was delighted with Mo's gift and card.

  7. this is just the sweetest! he looks so hard at work-- his teacher probably got teary just looking at it!

    i love his painting! it's so cute!

    hope you all have a great weekend! hugs,


  8. He is just too sweet, Lou. The painting is absolutely gorgeous - he is an artist for sure. :) xoxo

  9. Fabulous pix! Mo certainly is the artist! I'll bet Mrs. Cook was absolutley thrilled! xxD

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