Friday, 23 July 2010

a couple of cards to share!!!

Morning everyone!!!

I had so much fun wombling around every bodies blogs in the Tiddly Inks blog hop last night, there were more to peek at this morning when I got up too and they were all awesome. I just want to thank everyone for their lovely comments on my creations, it means the world to us bloggers when we get a comment!!!
So while a card featuring the super cute vampboto is drying I thought I would post a couple of cards I have been fiddling with over the past couple of days.
This one is for my son's sister ( he is my stepson! but I love him like my own) she loves High school musical so it naturally had to be that!!! I wanted to match the card up to their clothes so red and white it was!!! A bit of inking, martha punching and a googled piccy and hey presto! one high school musical card for a 5 year old!!!! I think she will be chuffed with it as it has her name on!!!!
This one I made for a friend who needed a funky wedding card for her friend who she was going to be a bridesmaid for. The bridesmaid dresses were a bright pink colour so I went for a bit of bright pink in there and used the pear and swirly branch cut from joys of the season on my cricut. Now I can't take credit for turning the pears into peeps for a card, my inspiration came from a card I saw on the cricut mb around 3 years ago when I first got my cricut, I wish I know who made it but despite my good friend google searching for me, I couldn't find it. I loved the idea and it stuck in my head so big huge thanks to the lady who made the first one wherever you are xxxxxx
I am off to have a hot vimto, feeling a little rough today, not sure why but I feel a little achey all over, think a cold may be looming, urgh!!!! lol!!!
I will be back later with vampboto!!!!
Hugs Lou xxxxxxxx


  1. Hi Lou, What a Pear!
    they are both so much fun , I love the idea with the pear one its great, and the top high school musical one is going to be adored by the reciever, I love how you have sat them on the stair card its loooks amazing.

    have a great weekend hope you are not poorly, keep taking the vimto, I have never had it hot before.
    lots of hugs chris xx

  2. Lou, that's going to be one very happy little 5 year old when she sees her card. It's great. I LOVE the pear one and it's gorgeous. Looking forward to more Tiddlys.

  3. Drats Lou, I know I left a comment on this post this morning, but it's not here. I love both cards and Ryan's half sister is going to love the first one. I adore the pears card and love the hint of pink. Now I'm off to comment on your last card.


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