Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Leather and Lace pink petticoat cheekies!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!!
well I couldn't get on the mb so I am posting my challenge card on here instead!!!! Me ,Kat and Nicki set ourselves a challenge to use our cheekies from pink petticoat!!! lol !!! that was easier said than done but here is mine!!!! lots of sparkle on the frills but I can't get a good piccy of it!!! grrr!!!!! the black paper is my B&Q wallpaper that I get for my other mb challenge!!! it is so cool taking scraps and making them into something pretty!!!! I loved this leather looking wallpaper so got it in brown and black!!!! going back this weekend for more !!lol!!!!
If you can't see it in the picture the sentiment says:
Leather and lace.... (outside)
....will make his heart race!! (inside)

Thankyou for popping in!!!


  1. Loving this too cute and really like the wallpaper You rock

  2. I am REALLY loving that cheeky little set!!!


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