Monday, 9 August 2010

whats cooking this morning?!!!

Yup, its my 'b' plates from my cuttlebug!!
These ones are the ones I use for cutting ( i have 2 sets of 'b' plates, one for cutting and one for embossing!!).

They were looking awfully bendy and getting hard to push through my little green cuttlebug so one of my lovely cricut MB friends, Pam, gave me a lovely recipie for sorting them out!! I just has to share Pam's recipie!!!

Here it is!!!!!

Take 2 shamefully bendy and tatty 'b' plates and place on a baking tray!! Preheat the oven to 160c (and reassure your 5 year old that he won't have to eat them when they are cooked!!!!) Yep, that one on the left hand side is so bent it won't even lay on the tray!!!!!!

Bake for 10 mins!!

Take out of the oven and leave to cool !!
Just look at the difference!!!!!
OOOOh pam!!!! thank you so much, I love how straight they are now!!!!!! How cool is that!!!!!
Right off for a cuppa now!!! then to try and take a good piccy of scott's anniversary card for tomorrow made with my fabulous funky fellas paper I got from funkyhand last month, it cut like an absolute dream in my cricut.
See you soon!!!
Hugs Lou xxxxx


  1. Great idea thanks for sharing, bet they are a bit hard on the teeth, need lots of gravy. LOL
    Fi xx

  2. Thank you for sharing that tip! I haven't had my Cuttlebug that long yet for my plates to look so "loved" but I'm sure they will look like that soon and now I know how to fix it ;)

  3. Wow! Amazing and do I have some that could use this treatment! xxD

  4. Oh man do I have some that need this treatment. Thanks for sharing the tip.

  5. Wow what a brilliant tip. I think I'll need to try this out. Jaqui x


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