Wednesday, 3 November 2010

WOYWW- omg..what isn't on my workdesk.....!

Hello peeps!!!!
It has been such a long time since I actually took part in Julia's fabulous WOYWW. I Love this idea Julia had, its so nice to go and look every week and womble along to every one's fabulous work spaces but I haven't had time to leave any comments so I am rectifying that today!!!

So this is the doom that I can call my workdesk today......I am more than a little embarrassed to say it has looked like this for 3 weeks now...... there's probably mice living in there too now!!! romfl!!!
(the piccy is a little dark as it was taken at 6:30am this morning but the lovely mr.blogger wouldn't upload piccies this morning,grrrrrrrr!!!)

The teeny tiny space I have been working in, it may be small but I seem to be doing ok creatively in it!!! you can just about see the debris from my DT cards this week!! My Get Funky Tag it challenge card is laying down on the top of one pile ( scroll down my blog a couple of posts if you need a nosey at it!) and my Tiddly Inks color combo challenge card is kind of laying on its side...(thats what happens when you sort of throw them out of the teeny tiny working space to make room for some more creating!!!!!)

And this little super cute LOTV is what I am working on at the moment ( actually I have been working on it since sunday..........!) It is for a little lady who loves doggies and pink!!!
I am so excited because I have one sleep left until I go to the NEC!! is anyone else going tomorrow? I can't wait!! I have my little black and white shopping trolley all ready to go!! ( got to have something big to fill!!!!). So if you are going and you see a little me wombling around with her black shopping trolley with white flowers on, its me!!!!
Have a fab wednesday everyone!!!
Hugs Lou xxxx


  1. Hi Lou, what a FAB workspace, look at those cricut cartridges ~ I only have 2 :-(
    Have a fab day at the NEC, I'm hoping to go with crafty Lou on Saturday.
    Hugz Fleur xXx

  2. Great space you have here! So much stuff, I would love to poke around in there!
    Have fun at the NEC! Get lots of stuff so I can live vicariously through you, lol!
    Happy WOYWW !

  3. Hi ya
    lovely creative desk, great image & colouring,have a great time at the NEC, have great day,happy WOYWW, sue,(17)x

  4. Wow, what a lot of stash you have, think I need to show hubby, he might feel sorry for me and buy me a few more things tomorrow at the
    Thanks for sharing your workdesk

  5. What a massive desk - and you've already filled it - you won't have anywhere to put your NEC stash..... better not buy anything!!

  6. ah you need to learn that crazy PUSh the Stash BAck technique?

    I love this desk I'd roll round in it going yeah yeah this is like being at home...

    Dx 46

  7. Hey there Lou - how are you (oh, that rhymes and not intentionally)!!!

    Anyway, yep - your desk is a disaster sight, but you are sooo forgiven being as your creative juices have been flowing LOL!!!

    Oh - if only you were going to NEC on Friday - we could have met up for a coffee! Darren recons he's going to sleep in the car while I walk round (how rude)... anyway, hope someone recognises you with your trolley - hope its not one of those old lady trollies LOL!!! I'd avoid you if it was LOL!!!

    Have a good time my love, tell all when you come back.

    Paula x x x

  8. ohooo you have soooo much 'stuff' I bet like me, you'll always finding things you forget about! I'm really pleased with my little boy stamp, specially when it was half price!Have a great woyww!

  9. wow Lou this is one fabulous desk, love the length, great image you have coloured up there. Joey.xx

  10. Hi! You have a great big table to create in, a lot of space, and what are those folders on the shelf? You are so organized in spite of the chaos on the desk right now! Patsy from

  11. ha ha your desk looks like mine!

  12. Hope you haven't spent too much at the NEC!!!!

    Fab pics and lots of lovely messiness!


    P.S. a 'twinchie' is a 2 inch square piece of art work.

  13. What a great workspace you have!! Thanks for sharing it with me!

  14. Really, have you room for more shopping? Oh I think so - follow the push back and pile high theory - now you have the spread out theory mastered! Have fun at NEC!

  15. that is a really cute christmas image. enjoy NEC. great creative desk. caroline #16

  16. Desk looks just great - as it should - and out of the chaaos such a cutie..enjoy the NEC and show us the goodies soon
    sasa 25

  17. Great space you have - your worktop looks very similar to mine - i.e. a kitchen worktop from B&Q - which gives you a lot of length to spread stuff outon. Love the LOTV stamp. Elizabeth #98

  18. Certainly one busy but productive looking desk. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 36)


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