Sunday, 16 January 2011

Betty And Scott's yummy cake!

 Hello peeps!!!
Hope you are all having a super sunday!! its quite lovely here today, the sun is shining and its fairly warm too so we have had a morning of pootling around getting shopping and bits and now the boys have gone off to do boy stuff  on the field with daddy ( they left the house with a football, a cricket bat and a ball!) so mummy is getting some blog time in!!!

So onto my cake!!! now I have to confess I am not a great 'big'cake baker. Cupcakes and breads are more my thing but I treated myself to a huge cupcake shaped cake mould before christmas and yesterday on wimpy Lou day Scott asked for a cake.
This is what he got!!!!!
Now as I was icing it, I could here a little Mo scrabbling around in my crafty box that I had left on the table. He ws looking at my shrinkied Betty that I had been laying with earlier , he quite likes her!! and that gave me an idea!!! ( now excuse the hole in her heart, she is destined for my mobile phone on a little charm string, hence the hole!!!!) so on top (.....of yummy choccy fudge icing with a huge white chocolate chip in case she gets hungry :) !!) of the cake went Betty!!
 errrrrrrrr......... and this is what the cake looked like after lunch today when 3 hungry boys had attacked it!!!! bless her, Betty is holding fast on the edge of the hole that can be filled by other yummy stuff (......but I didn't have time to do that!!!! lol!!!!)
Betty Cup cake creation recipe!
white shrinkies.
watercolour pencils.
10 egg sponge cake mix!!
black ribbon from my stash.
3 hungry boys to demolish what you have baked!!!!

So today I am finishing off another little bit of something in my craft room once I have finished this post. I am feeling a little more myself today and had a lovely lie in this morning while Scott,Mo and Ryan came down to play. We still have our huge pile of games down from christmas as they are enjoying them so much, Frustration is the favourite this week!!
Have a fabulous day everybody!!
Huge Hugs
Lou xxx


  1. Lol Lou, I can just imagine your boys tucking into this humungous cake, it looks so scrummy. Love the new Betty stamps (sssh I applied for the DT but wasn't choses boo hoo! Have a great day and look forward to what else you have in store for us.
    Max x

  2. Oh lou could just do with a bit to go with the coffee robin has just made me,,hey it would be great at easter filled with mini egg's

  3. oh love its stunning hun looks sooo yummy xx

  4. Uummm Fi thinks that's just what she need a nice piece of cake. Well I have to say well done Lou it looks great. I feel the NEED to pop over and eat the rest !!! lol
    Hugs Fi xx

  5. Wonderful cake, such a great idea with a huge cupcake! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  6. MMMMMMM this looks scrummy hun my hubby brought me 1 of these 2 weeks ago.....unfortunately he is still waiting for his cake lol. Will have to move my bot me thinks lol he even went & got the ingredients for me.....lots of choccy lol.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  7. Yummm... Either that is one HUGE cake or that is one little image. LOL =D

  8. seriously want a slice of that NOW

  9. Yumm!! That looks delicious. I dread to think what size of mixing bowl you needed for a 10 egg cake mix :) Jaqui x


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