Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Diamond wedding anniversary invites!

 Hello peeps!!!

Phew, after 2 very busy nights working on them I have all the 60th wedding annivesary invites done for Scott's Nanna and Grandad.
They were surprisingly hard to take a photo of with all the white and pearlescent vellum flowers and fronds on the front!! 
Inside is some yummy pearlescent paper ( fetched for me by awesome BF and BF 2) with all the details on which I forgot to take a piccy of, but it looks beautiful!!
There are little diamonds in the centres of the flowers representing the diamond wedding annivesary and you can just about make out the diamond pen around the edges of the photograph.
Here is a close up of the photograph.....
( mmmmm, taking photograph of  the photograph didn't come out too well!!!)

But I still love this photograph of Nanna and Grandad on their wedding day. Wow, 60 years! that is awesome isn't it?
Ok so now I have this finished up I am free to go out to play in my crafty room and do some me makes!!!! I have some yummy top secret stuff to play with and a few other card orders to finish up but I am sure a little me time is allowed!!! so the kettle is on and once I have a cuppa in hand I am off out there.
I just have to add that the moon is absolutely huge here in the UK tonight  (I would love to know if it is huge with all my friends over the pond too!!) I always find it quite magical that we are all looking up at the same moon wherever we are so if you should have to take a peek out there tonight just imagine me on the top of it blowing y'all a big kiss!!!
hugs Lou xxxx


  1. Oh my Lou these are gorgeous!! 60 years really is something isn't it, a lifetime in itself :)

  2. How weird about you talking of the moon and saying about us all looking up at the same moon, as I mentioned just the same thing the other night to Mike.
    Your invites are beautiful, Lou,
    H xx

  3. I had to go outside to take a look earlier as I thought the sky looked so bright, then I just read your post ~ scary lol
    Your cards are absolutly stunning, a beautiful idea.
    Hugz Fleur xXx

  4. You should be very proud of these, as they are lovely. xxx

  5. Oh Lou these are lovely what a super job you have done. I bet they will be very happy with them.
    Fi xx

  6. How stunning are these Lou what a fab job you've donehoney. They ate going to be thrilled and big congrats to the both of them. I love the way you have incorporated the little diamonds in those adorable flowers.

  7. Oh Lou these are stunning - your Nanna & Grandad will be so proud of you.
    Congrats to them for 60 years marriage - quite an achievement!
    Have a fab day.
    Debs xx

  8. I think they are truly romantic and very fitting. Well done Lou, worth the pinching!

  9. Those are so beautiful, great job! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  10. Stunning invites Lou, they look so delicate. Jaqui x


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