Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sad day and Betty Card!!

  I just wanted to share a quick card made with one of Funky Hand's gorjuss Betty stamps!! I had the love 'n' that set to play with and oh thy are just fabulous. Betty stamps like a dream which is fab for paper piecing which is what I did with her dress.
I used papers from the fabby Colour Me Happy papercraft factory  from Funky Hand ( ooooh and super exciting! there are piccies of the new one over in the shop)
The lovely centre rise step card base on this one is another fabby Penny Duncan file. If you haven't been over to Penny's blog you really need too, she makes the most beautiful flowers and cards to cut with MTC.
And so onto the sad stuff...
our dear little rabbit Simba passed away yesterday. Little mo and I went out to give him his tea and he had just gone off to heaven in his sleep. He looked so peaceful, he was 6 and a half.
Little Mo was devastated, he adored Simba and was always in the run whenever Simba was, sat with him reading o him and alsorts so we have a very sad Little mo here today. Ryan was sad but at almost 11 he can handle it a whole lot better, me? yup I cried like a big baby with mo when we found Simba yesterday.
Mo had some time with simba this morning, he had even wrapped him up in a tea towel  and was snuggling him by the time we got outside, he was so sad bless him.
We bought Simba from another family who didn't want him anymore when mo was 1. He was the most loving rabbit and we will miss him terribly so we had a little bunny funeral this morning.
I covered a box with brown paper ad Mo decorated it with a picture of simba's play tunnel and a carrot. He put some sawdust and straw inside " to keep simba warm and cosy mummy" and he gently put simba in (yup, mummy cried again as mo was crying, urgh!) then mo blew 2 kisses into the box and gave simba a last stroke and put him gently down into the big hole daddy had dug.
He popped his simba's fav toy ( a dingly bell treat storer thingy) into the hole with him and then him and ryan filled the hole up with their littl plastic spades ( more tears from mummy...)
The boys made little crosses for the  'grave' and mo popped a teddy ornament on top with simba's food bowl which is going to hold a little plant. Mo made a special heart on a stick for his teddy to hold.

So thats us for today!! lol!!
Hugs Lou xxx


  1. tht is a lovely card Lucy and the enw CD looks amazing. But I am sorry about Simba :(

  2. Oh Lou...I'm so sorry for you guys =( What a special and sweet drawing that Little Mo did. =(

    My children still talk about our dog Billy who passed a year ago this past December. They, too, made beautiful grave stones out of decorative garden tiles that we bought along with pottery paint pens and glittery stones. I think it's so cathartic for children to be able to create to work through their grieving process. Hugs to you all.


  3. Oh Lou great card Lovely choice of papers.

    Sending you all Cyber hugs and again I'm so sorry to hear about simba. Oh how it's made me think about how we all felt when we lost Theo. xxx

  4. Oh I am so sorry to hear about Simba. It is so sad when you lose your pet, they are family. We lost our dog a few years ago now ( I bought him as a puppy and had him for nearly 16 years). The kids and I still have our moments where we just breaks into tears and miss him so. My heart goes out to you all.

  5. aww poor you , so sorry about Simba.
    your card is scrummy, very special. hugs chris xx

  6. You should scrapbook that story. It is precious. Sorry for your loss and may your memories bring you comfort.

  7. Sweetie your card is gorgeous I love the step style cards. I am soooo sorry about Simba wow I'm nearly bubbling myself poor little Mo bless him he must be so devastated awwww give him huge hugs from me shug. Take care hun.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  8. I've just had a chance to read this post..even though I already knew from you on our forum've got me in tears now. I'm so sorry for you all losing Simba. Give my hugs to your boys and have one yourself.
    Anice xx

  9. Oh Goodness....Now I'm crying reading sad but what a fantastic mommy and daddy they have!!!!! Poor babies...I know how hard that is.....I LOVE both of your most recent cards...they are precious....I also wanted to THANK YOU for your very sweet comment on my blog!! I hope you have a very blessed day!!


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