Thursday, 13 January 2011

Swit Swoo!!!

 Morning peeps!!!

He, he,he!!! what a way to be greeted on my blog !!!!! by a nice pair!!! romfl!!!!
I made this cheeky card with an SVG shared by connie, please take a peek at her blog. Thank you Connie, its a really fun cut.
 I have made these bra and panties cards before but with having my new MTC I wanted to have a go at cutting one with that!!!! I get so excited about using it!!!!
I embossed the  bra panties with divine swirls to give them a lacey look and tied some black satin ribbons on the sides of the panties for a bit more swit swoo-ness!!!!! I added a little heart 'tattoo' with a little heart gem I had in my bitsand bobs box!!!
I added a little ribbon and a heart charm I bought a while ago from Clare's fabby shop, cloud 9, in horncastle. I added a bit of bling to the bra too!! couldn't resist!!! lol!!!

This card is for a friend to give to her boyfriend who is going away for a few weeks for valentines day! hope he likes it!!!

We had a lovely lie in this morning, Little Mo didn't wake up until 6am but poor Scott has woken up feeling really yukky. It has taken him an hour to get out of the bed but the daft bat has taken himself off to work now, I do wish he would of just stayed home today and rested a bit. I think he might have vertigo and he feels all icky and dizzy whenever he is not laying down.

The kettle is calling me to get another cuppa before I go to work so I will see you all later!!
Thank you for popping in!!
Huge thursday hugs
Lou xxxx


  1. Hi Lou

    This is really cheeky , I love the embossing details you have done it.
    I will checkout the blog later thankyou for sharing.x

  2. ROFL this is absolutely awesome & the recipient will DEF love it. It made my hubby turn his head & laugh. Its just mint it really is....its got to be the coolest card I've ever seen...I absolutely love it hun!!! BRILL!!!!!!!!

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  3. Sorry hun I totally forgot hope Scott feels better soon shug.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  4. omg lmao hun, you made me smile , ive never saw a card like that hun . its stunning , my fella would love this lol . huggs jo x

  5. Oh Lou, this is wonderful. Love the embossed panties and the tattoo, and isn't MTC the greatest? Hope Scott is soon feeling better, but probably needs to stay home to make that happen.

  6. Wonderful card, I have the template for it but haven't tried it yet! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  7. such a fabulous pair of undies, do you do large!!
    pleased to see you are keeping abreast of things!
    and thanks for your support!!!!
    hugs chris xx

  8. love it Lou , you have embellished it perfectly x

  9. Wow what a lovely card great idea, I know several people who would love to received this.
    Fi xx


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