Saturday, 11 June 2011

Little Mo funky post!!

Awwwwwww!!! how cute is it??!!!!

Morning peeps!!! its a Little Mo blog post today!!!!

Now if I had one suggestion of a crafting cd for little people, it would have to be Funky Hands Craft The Year Away papercraft factory. When I said to Mo this morning that we needed to get on with Grandad's birthday card, he took himself out into the crafty room on daddy's big boy pooter. He knows just where to find the programme because he knows the papercraft factory icon. Naturally, Mummy felt the need to click away and get some piccies!! he always amazes me with his navigation of this programme!! it really is a superb one for little peeps to play with.
The drag and drop makes the work space part of the programme so easy for Mo, he loves to place things and \i was super proud of the robot in front of the heart, he has mummy's crafty gene's me thinks!!
 This always makes me giggle, he loves to watch it come out of the printer...
 proud a punch with his little design all printed out...
 Time to get busy..."mummy you have to ink the edges like neese does"...
 ..."and inky the card too"....
 oOOh mummy's out for little peeps and the ATG though as you can never have enough sticky stuff on your paper..oh and you must stick your tongue out to help you concentrate too...
 "splonking" his robot piece on the front, I don't know where he got the word from but its quite funny when he is making! " i will just splonk it on here mummy"
 The very delicate putting on the pom pom for the antennae job....
 Applying "the zig zaggy makered bit" he nabbed from my fathers day card making scraps...
So, sorry for all the piccies but proud mummy moments= a zillion piccies in our house!!!! plus they are too cute not to share!!!!!

And of course with summer hols fast approaching here in the UK, if you are thinking of a crafty purchase for your children, definitely make it the Craft The Year Away cd from Funky Hand.

 Oh and on monday we had the extremely exciting wobbler number 2 come out...

It has left a mahooosive gap now it has joined the space left from wobbler number 1!!
He still hasn't got used to the tooth falling out thing and there was still a good 3 minutes of him going green, panicking and then he was excited for the tooth fairy!! she bought one gold coin for wobbler number 2.Mummy thought she would be clever and try and find a whimsical little fairy writing for the note from the fairy on her computer, I was most chuffed when I found one and happily typed out my little letter in teeny weeny size....only for mo to wake up and shout down to me and daddy...

 " wow, mummy, the tooth fairy has a laptop 'cos she wrote me a letter on it this time..."

 oh well!!!!! back to a handwritten one next time peeps!!!

Its a mummy and mo day here today. Daddy and Ryan have gone off for a football tournament. Mo is all chesty, think its hayfever and asthma not playing nicely so we are hamma beading, card making and just having fun today. And then I have one sleep until I get to go the the Stamp magic show!!!! woooohoooooooo!!!
Have a great saturday everyone!!
Hugs Lou xxx


  1. Fab photos and a super-fab card. Your Mo will be after your place on the FHDT soon if you don't up your act. hehehehehe

  2. Hiya Lou
    Oh these are fantastic photos - you should be so proud - you have a wonderful little boy there - so happy looking - enjoying his art - and what a fab job he did too!
    Have a great Mummy & Mo day.

  3. Hi sweetie lush lush lush card love the piccies of Mo making it my brother still sticks his tongue out when concentrating lol. Enjoy your day sweetie & hope he doesnt suffer too much I've been bad with my hayfever this week.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  4. This is stonking card. xxx

  5. Well a little crafter in the making i think, takes after his mum. How sweet and a chalked edge, was that mummy's scotch ATG !!!! I saw in his hand LOL
    Great card Mo, bet grandad will Love it.

    Hugs Fi xx

  6. Hi! Oh bless... really fab card,Well Done Mo :O)
    gorgeous photos too.
    hugs Lou.xx

  7. Hi Lou .. .. and Mo!!!

    What a fantastic post.

    Mo .. your card is brilliant .. I love it .. and I bet your Grandad will too. I was well impressed with the addition of the heart! Great taste!!

    What a very generous tooth fairy visits your house .. .. ours used to pay 50p.

    Thank you for sharing such brilliant pictures and crafting ideas.

    Love Jules xx


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