Saturday, 2 July 2011

oooh Look what my awesome hubby has made me!!

 Well, it started off with me saying " Baby, I would really love some pen storage above my workspace" at which point gorgeous hubby wet himself laughing and said " what work space?" mmmmm point taken, it was a bit messy so I promptly moved it all.....down the other end of my desk!!!!

Then off he popped with Mo down to the shed and they came back with some MDF, Yey!!! and off he set to work with all manner of manly gadgety things, isn't he fab??!!!

here it is going up ready for measuring and........yes thats some of the mess on the right handside of the photo...  :) and this is what he was making.....

here it is!!!!!!

isn't it fab??!!! I am so excited!!  I have lost 2 pens recently, I think I threw them away by accident whilst my desk was so messy so I am so excited to have a lovely space to keep them now. I don't have the whole set of promarkers but he did me some extra holes incase I get anymore. I am going to spend some time tonight putting the colour names on and some little stickers to match my pen ends and of course some time will be spent spoiling gorgeous hubby for my awesome pen storage.

hugs Lou xxxxx


  1. That looks great - I think I will leave this page open on the pooter so my hubby can 'accidently' see it and maybe give him some inspiration xx

  2. I dont know what we would do without them sometimes. This is great.

  3. what a sweetheart he is to make you such a lovely storage for your pens.

  4. WOW I am soooooo jealous!
    Hugz Fleur xXx

  5. WOW what a great handy hubby. Shall I put my order in now or would that be to soon. I think he will need lots of loving for producing that hun !!!
    Fi xx

  6. Your Hubby is so clever Lou ! This is a fantastic idea ! Have a great sunday Sweetie ! Hugs x

  7. Lou, this is great and isn't it wonderful to have a handy DH. Scot did a fabulous job.


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