Saturday, 24 September 2011

Little Mo gets Funky!! a video tutorial for the little funky peeps out there!!

Now onto Little Mo!!

We have been very busy this afternoon as little mo decided he wanted to make something!! it is very cute and   he was so funny while he was doing it!!!! he loves making video's ( normally about skateboarding!!!) but after watching Anice's video on the cake box on the Funky Hand Happy Happy birthday cd he decided that today he needed to make a video for the little peeps out there!!! and here he is......(you might need to turn your volume up a little as he is a bit quiet!!)

Awwwwwww, too funny!!!!

Anyway, I am off to go and see what he is up to now, he was last seen filling up our wheelbarrow with our spare bricks (... from doing the garage 7 years ago! seriously if you have bricks and little boys of age 6 there is nothing more exciting than 'real lego bricks' as he calls them) pootling on out to the front lawn!!!

Huge hugs Lou .....and not forgetting Little Mo of course!!!! xxxxxx


  1. Hello Mo, what a gorgeous picture you made! I must say I'm very impressed with your computer skills - are you really only 6 years old?! Wow!! If I'm stuck for ideas when I'm making my Funky Hand cards I think I'll have to ask you to help! Well done Mo! xx

  2. Brilliant video, Mo! I wish I'd had your instructions when I first started using Papercraft Factory! Have you made something nice with your cool picture?

  3. Mo, great video you made! =)
    Lou, nice of you to post it, fun to watch!
    Hugs, Elenor

  4. Oh super little film Mo, watch out create and craft here comes MO.
    Fi xx
    Oh suprise Mr blogger not playing again

  5. Little Mo i watcehd youre video with my grandma and i I want to do it I am 5 and help grandma from Olivia age 5 thank you

    ps from Grandma.....this bowled us over...he's got another fan, methinks!

  6. Wow Little Mo what a star you are! You're so clever on the computer! Fantastic picture! Your mummy is so lucky to have you helping her!
    Big hugs to you and mummy

  7. Oh Mo, forget thinking this tutorial is just for little folks. I know quite a few adults that your tutorial is going to help. Anice better watch out. You might be replacing her. Job well done my man!

  8. Well really seem to know your stuff with Papercraft Factory CDs. I'd better watch out as Create and Craft will be asking you to come and show off my new CDs instead of me..I think you will probably do a much better job than I do though you're much cuter than I am! Fantastic
    Anice xx (Funky Neecy)

  9. Brilliant, Mo! You look like a pro at working with that CD. Fabulous video and your picture is lovely. xxD

  10. aaaaawwwww this is just tooo sweet Lou. He is such a lovely. He did a great job too.

    Paula x x x


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