Friday, 16 September 2011


Morning peeps!!!

How are you all this fine friday? ( Lou looks out of window and thinks......ermmmm weather not fine, weather blooming awful!!!) but I am oh so happy in my heart today that it doesn't matter whats happening with the weather!!

So were you all watchinng C&C with Anice yesterday?? isn't she clever and super fab??!!! We had to record it in the Daubney household as we were all at work/school but can you imagine Little Mo's excitement when he saw himself on tv in this little wordbook??? (....oh yeah and can you imagine how shocked Scott was to see himself on tv too, I might of forgotten to tell him his piccy was in the front!!!!) Oh Mo was so chuffed!!! 
I have to say I was super happy because all the funkette's are just the fabbest bunch of creator's you have ever seen and the new Happy Happy Birthday papercraft factory is just the best. 

So using the surprise colourway on Happy Happy Birthday I made this smile wordbook full of my fav smiles from my nutty family!!!

Here's mamma and pappa cheeeeeeese......
 Thing one and Thing 2 with their cheeky cheeeeeeese's......
 Gorgeous Thing 1 piccy taken by Aunty Leah which we love............
 And one of my favourite quotes ever by Mother Teresa....
I hand stitched the word smile but its a bit tricky to see in the piccy!!!

Then last night I got a text with the most awesome news I have had since Little Mo got his achievers award certificate ( ...which might I add he is getting in achievers assembly today, proud mummy!!!). I got a message from a very special lady telling me that her and her very special man had got engaged. I was so happy (.....yup you guessed it...I cried!!!) So a week of complete loveliness here and I feel like I am smiling from the inside out.

I hope you enjoyed my cheeeeesy post!!! I am off to work now and wil be back to pop in on everybody tonight when I get home!!  then I have a very special peeps engagement card to make.

HUGE hugs!!
Lou xxxxxx


  1. Congratulations Hunny , As soon as I saw this I knew it was you -and I dont even know you :0) if you know what I mean lol

    You really inspired me to buy the cd , I have just had an email saying its been dispatched so it should nt be too long - I got it from Funky hand instead of C&C so that it would arrive quicker !

  2. Wow well I have to say I saw it and went oh that's lovely. Didn't recognise you it was when I saw Mo. So yet again another super creation from Lou.
    Fi xx

  3. Oh Lou how fab,so lovely of you all and very special too-just adore it.
    big hug,Lou.xx

  4. Oh Lou, this is spectacular! Really makes me want to make a word book. xxD

  5. This word book is so fabby fabulous. Congrats on the show feature, that sounds exciting. I love all the pics, the kiddies look so sweet.


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