Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Little Mo's daffodils.

 Daffodils- ©Little Mo! 
Evening Peeps!!!
So I wanted to share with you Little Mo's Daffodils. I have to tell you that Scott and I are so very,very proud of this little guy. He struggles with his nerves sooo much and last nights parents evening was just so lovely for us.

Mo decided this morning that he wanted to make my mum a get well card using his Daffodils writing so when I picked him up tonight and his normal teacher wasn't there he was a little worried he couldn't use it, so I asked the classroom TA and she was so lovely, she said yes right away and we sat on the bench in the sun waiting for her to finish her jobs. Mo was so excited. More proud mummy moments were to come when Mo's headteacher came to bring Mo's writing as it was still in her office from when he went to see her this afternoon to receive his Head Teachers Award and merit stickers (oh my, you should of seen his little beaming face when he came out the doors to me tonight with all his special stickers, magic!) She thought his Daffodils writing was very special.
Mo's class TA did us a few copies which was so very kind. We are so blessed and very lucky to have Mo going to such a beautiful and caring school team each day.

When we got home Mo got busy on his card for nannie, trimming, inking edges and best of all, using mummy's ATG gun!!! He put his little bit of writing on first, then he drew his daffodil stems in a green glaze pen. he made his little daffodils with my SU boho flowers punch and I  have to be honest and say I will be totally nabbing this idea!! they are very cute!!!!! I love the way his little mind chugs things through like 
"they can't be flat like squished dry ones mumma, they have to be standy uppy ones"
as he shaped the centres around my rubber tipped paper picker!!! CUTE!!!!

 So for those of you who are looking at it and wondering what some of it says, I will translate for you!!

'Daffodils dancing like ballerina's
twisting all day long nice
to see as yellow as the bright
sun heads like stars.
Daffodils swing around in the
nice breeze.
The daffodil stem is as green as 
a leaf'

Ok, so I am teary!! I am a very daft mummy but I am so super happy and blessed. And of course. Mo wanted me to take a piccy of the special stickers on his school tank top, the card and him for you all to see!!
Thank you so much for bearing with me and sharing in my joy of this special little guy. I love his smile so much.
huge hugs Lou xxxx


  1. What a cutie! Lou this is the cutest ever - what a beautiful poem aswell! Mo is so talented :D

  2. Lou, Mo did a wonderful card for his nannie, love how he made them stand out on the paper too! Great writing, like a little story, got it all except one word! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  3. Dear Mo

    I am Kat, your mummy's friend. I really like when she posts your cards and other work, it really makes my day.

    You should be very pleased with your special stickers, you must work very hard at school!

    I am going to be making my Mummy's Mothers Day card soon - will you be working on yours?

    Lots of love


  4. Aw bless what an absolute little star the poem is absolutely brilliant & he so deserves his stickers. Big squishy hugs to Mo.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  5. Just what I needed before going to bed - a good cry, lol! This is a wonderful post Lou. Coming here always makes me feel uplifted - thank you!

  6. Oh wow! That's such a gorgeous poem! What a wonderful job Mom did on the card too! I bet Nana will be thrilled to receive it. Congrats on the Merit!

  7. Oh Lou, this is too precious for words and your Mum is going to love it. Glad you translated the first line, as I thought he meant bairns as in babies. Thanks for sharing this with us. I always love to see what he's creating. He is such a sensitive and lovng child.

  8. How lovely - you must both be so proud - well done Mo - I just love your daffodil poem and picture.

  9. Oh Lou thank you so so much for sharing with us ! Your little Mo is such a fantastic little boy ! His poem is so so beautiful ! Give him a big hug for me will you ? Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  10. okay these moments in motherhood are the best, when our children shine their love all over us. What a talented sweetie. Thanks for sharing. hugs

  11. awww this is just soooo cute! (ps I'm glad you translated I was struggling with 'balrins'. hehe ;) lol)

  12. Great job Mo! I think your poem is beautiful and the stand up daffodils are so very pretty. This a lovely card and you should be very proud!

  13. Hi! Oh Lou,clever Mo and he has done such a *fantastic* job.It will be treasured I am sure and BIG congrats to Mo for his award.
    Love and hugs Lou.xx


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