Monday, 16 April 2012

SMASH-ing Day with my little Mo!!

 Evening Peeps!!!

I hope you have all had an awesome day because I totally have!!!
It was the last day of my gorgeous Little Mo's holidays today, he is back to school tomorrow :( so this morning when we woke up I asked him what he wanted to do today. The first thing he wanted to do was try out the tennis ball slingshot for the dog that my friend Leah's fiance gave us yesterday. So off we plodded with the dog at 7am along the viking way and oh boy!! was that slingshot fun!! Mo giggled everytime I sent a ball flying off and Holly thought it was christmas! she loved it!!! we only lost one ball into some tree's so it wasnt bad going!! we even got snowed on briefly when there was a quick snow shower which was very exciting for Mo!! was fairly warm for the rest of the day though!!!

Second thing he wanted to do was catch the bus into town. So off we went on our travels, with Mo clutching tightly to his Dylan dog teddy,it was a double decker bus so we headed upstairs and oh boy he loved that!! we even saw my sister walking on her way to work so as soon as we hit town Mo decided he needed to go buy her a present! 4 vienesse truffles bars from thorntons later and a visit to the shop my sister works in for a quick visit.

Cheese straws and a gingerbread man from the bakery, then we found washi tape in paper chase and could afford a whole 2 rolls with the pennies left in my purse so we chose one each and then it was home on the bus.

When we got home I asked if there was anything else he wanted to do and he asked if we could have some crafty time. I LOVE that about him, he really does love crafting. I so hope that lasts as he gets older. So we decided to do some a SMASH page about our puddle jumping photo Scott took at the zoo on mothers day a few weeks ago.

Little Mo did the writing on the bunting and decided he wanted to "descrive puddles for his writing bit" (...descrive is describe in Mo speak!!!) so he got on with that while I did my little bit on a tag to hide behind his writing. I also wrote 'I love puddles' on a little splodge on the paper. I punched out some circles because Mo wanted to point out the "splashy puddle" and my "jumpy hair" ( I love how Scott got those action shots!!) Mo stole one and wouldn't tell me what he had written but asked me to make a cloud that went the wrong way (....?...after asking what he meant he said he wanted it to go up the black bits .....) Phew I got it right!! and then he stuck his little circle on, awwwww!! I LOVE that circle :)

The papers I used are from my Funky Hand Dreams Come True papercraft factory cd rom and just perfect for splodgy puddle SMASH ing!!! I just added faded jeans distress ink, glossy accent rain and puddles and a word art of a quote form E Cummings I have had on my pooter for years! it was so nice to use it!!

I cannot tell you how much of a fabulous day I had for Mo choosing day!!! it was so much fun. After we finished crafting we played with our mini nerf jolt guns together (yup...Mo's was so much fun I had to buy myself one!! we got one for my dad for his birthday too and he loves it!!!!) and then went to the park. Then we came home and watched the film 'Hachi- a dogs tale' and oh boy did we cry!! but it was nice!!

so thats me done waffling for tonight!!!! thank you for popping in on me!!!
huge hugs Lou xxxx


  1. Wow, well it sounds like you had a fab last day of hols with Mo.
    Great page and what a lovely memory to keep and look back at.
    Fi x

  2. Oh WOW Lou, this is fab, sounds like a fab day. Not done any "smashing" as of yet!
    Hope you're not tooo lonely tomorrow, I hate their first day back
    HUGZ Fleur xXx

  3. this is just the sweetest post!! how awesome that you two are so close and even besties! he just seems to adore are such a wonderful mother. It sounds like you make everyday things so special.


  4. It's so wonderful how much you enjoy being a mommy and that you cherish these days with your little guy. :) Love reading about them. xo

  5. This is gorgeous Lou! Love the cute piccie of you and mo :) Sounds like you had a wonderful day out!

  6. Oh thank you so much for sharing with you a special time with your dear little Mo ! He is such a darling boy, you are so lucky ! Love the pages you have created, the spash effect is fantastic ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  7. Hi sweetie this is fabulous I love it, I used to love splashing with mine and Autumn my fave time of the year kicking leaves and making them crunch, hugs Pops x

  8. What a brilliant day Lou! A gorgeous page that will be lovely to look at when Mo is older.

  9. So this may be an all time favorite picture of you and Mo splashing in the puddles. I love that you have both made it into a joint effort SMASH post. It's fantastic. I'm also glad that you had such a fabulous end to the break and the food descriptions have my tummy rumbling.


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