Friday, 10 August 2012

10 of the best!

Heart shape stone Scott found me on the beach today!

 Evening Peeps!!
I have been a bit bloggy quiet for a couple of days!!! but today was our anniversary so I wanted to share a couple of bits with you!!
Scott and I have been together 10 years today! wow time goes so quickly! and for 6 of those years we have been married (...yes I was super sly and chose the anniversary of us getting together as my wedding day too :)

We all love the beach so thats what we chose to do today! we made a picnic, bundled us all in the car and had an awesome day on the beach!! we got there at 8am and stayed until 1:30pm when mo had started to look totally sleepy from all the playing and running around and Holly was just vegging out in the sand in the shade of the promenade wall. 

And that stone above!! oh my!! that was just the most magical moment ever!! I am a terrible beach comber!! I love driftwood, smooth pebbles and teensy shells so I always take a little bag and have a good rummage in the sand, especially in the shore line so whilst mo was busy digging a huge bed for himself with daddy (...with the huge spade he found...his mamma taught him well!!!) I plodded off for a rummage. A little while later Scott walked over to me and said "Baby I found you a stone" and passed me this gorgeous heart shaped stone!! I couldn't believe it!! how special is that? so I feel so super lucky and blessed today.

And then when we got home Little mo pootled off to his bedroom. He came down a few minutes later and asked daddy to print off a picture of mummy and daddy together. we wondered what it was for!! and then a little while later he came down with this.....

as you can imagine this is our bestest anniversary card!! I love that he does little things like this!!!

So all in all I am the luckiest wife and mamma today and I am so thankful for Scott for giving me a beautiful and treasured family. They mean so very much to me and I am so very blessed.
Thank you for popping in on me and sharing my day
huge hugs Lou xxxxx


  1. awww how lovely to read this.
    Happy Anniversary to you and hubby, it sounds like you have had the perfect day. Such a magical stone to find and your card from Mo is so special, I'm sure you will treasure it.
    I hope you have a fab weekend
    Hugs Sue

  2. Aw isnt that orgeous, you got a lump in me throat, mine used to do things like that whenthey were little and ive kept every one of them!! I got a heart stone too from a beach in berwick, awwww happy anniversary darlin hope you had a wonderful day,a ndyou were a beautiful bride too, big huggies June xxxx

  3. aw bless`s card is so precious and i love your heart stone.happy anniversary to you and your hubs :D

    xx coops xx

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and your dear Husband Lou ! You look terrific together on the pic ! I do love picking up shells and stuff when I am at the seaside and this stone was just the perfect one for you that day ! Have a great week-end Sweetie ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  5. Awwwww!!!!! A HUGE congrats on your ten year anniversary - how amazing! And your stone...must be a sign of true love! :D And that card...teehee it is just the cutest thing ever :D

  6. awwww Lou that made me all misty, what a beautiful day you had and that card is just, well, only our boys can touch in that manner, it is a magic moment we want to savor always, so glad it was yours on your anniversary, hgus

  7. Lou, I am typing this through a watery veil, as I got a bit teared up reading your post! Gotta love those men in your life!! What an awesome card and that stone is a treasure always to hold onto. What a fabulous day. Thanks for sharing the 'happy' with us. Totally made my day! Mwah, Wends x

  8. Hi my sweetie happy anniversary shug I wish I had known I would have sent you a card. I absolutely love the day you have had I really do I havnt stopped smiling the whole time I read your post.........seriously girl I look like I have had a coat-hanger stuck in my mouth lol. You have had a perfect day hun & I wish you all a perfect night. Love is the best thing around, nothing better than true love sweetie & its the little things that matter the most hun. Love the stone that is so romantic & the card is just totally awesome bless Mo he's super special.

    Really happy you've had a lovely day you deserve it sweetie.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxxxxx

    P.S. I'm off to take this coat-hanger out now lol.......oh & cry a bit cus I love hearing things like this mmwah

  9. I'm just melting now :) Your anniversary couldn't have been more special with that heart-shaped stone, and the thoughtful, precious card from your children! You truly are blessed! Happy anniversary :)


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