Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween 2012....

Morning Peeps!!
well, I didn'y get chance to blog yesterday because my house was a flurry of halloween activity with these 2 little spookables below.......
The top piccy is Scott,Mo and I!!! and my 2 spookables are of course Mo and Boo. I couldn't believe it when Mo chose the spooky clown outfit! argghhhhh!! I don't do clowns!! but being a good mamma I let him go with what he fancied.
Then it came to painting the faces and Boo decided she wanted to be a dead fairy.....!! my big sis didn't recognise her own daughter when she arrived last night ready for our trick o treating walk!!
Here's our pumpkins all lit up.....

 They count as a halloween make because I did all but 2 of them!!! romfl!! I have repetative scooping injury this morning....!!!

And outside was tough to take a piccy of this year as our street lamp is out but there was a big hanging spider and his legs were all attached to the poles making a kinda leggy canopy for the little peeps to walk through...

 I love the fun of halloween and Mo...oh my gosh...he picked up mamma's halloween genes because he adores it! he got so excited and he was tired out when he went to bed last night! he was asleep as soon as his little head touched the pillow...I was the same at 9pm!!!!
I also really enjoyed seeing a few of my little nursery peeps whilst we were walking, its so lovely to be able to share in their excited moments and I am lucky to have several of them living on the estate that I live on too so that was an extra treat for me...they even recognised me in my spookable skeleton outfit!!!

Right, I need to shake myself into action for work!!! I'll catch up with you all when I get home from work tonight!
Huge hugs Lou xxx


  1. Wow what fab pics and the face painting is super, glad you all had a good time.
    Sue x

  2. WOW fabulous pictures looks like you had a great time. Caroline xxx

  3. Great post Lou - what fab photos!

  4. Oh my goodness Lou you all look amazing! I can't believe that Mo went for a spooky clown..clowns just normal, freak me out!! We had a few kids at the door last night but none as great as you all looked. Did you get treats as well when you went around the doors? Or were you just ready with the eggs to egg the houses who were ignoring the doorbell?!! We only had 5 doorbell rings and Travis was out for a walk for 4 of them so last night wasn't the nightmare I was worried about. Now just the fireworks to come!!
    Anice xx

  5. It all looks fantastic and great fun. The face painting is amazing.

  6. Oh thank you soooo much for the photos Lou ! You must have so much fun ! The three of you look terrific ! I am like you and I don't like clowns, but Mo looks great ! I can't believe you have carved so many pumpkins, they are fantastic ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  7. Wow, great pumpkins and costumes. I dont do clowns either - especially scary ones.x

  8. Wow!! what a fantastic spooky 3 you are,really great photo and love all those pumpkins and scary bits.
    BIG hug,Lou.xxxx

  9. blooming heck lou.your painted faces are just awesome :D

    xx coops xx

  10. Fantastic pumpkin carvings and wonderful scary makeup. :)

  11. Oh wow, you guys went all out Lou, love love the house and pumpkins, fab spider, Mo and Boo, I bet there are memories galore packed in that night, hugs

  12. You all look fantastic Lou, Amazing pumpkins too
    BIG HUGZ Fleury xXx

  13. Fantastic costumes and make-up Lou! Mo looks really scary - I don't do clowns either!!

  14. Wow amazing pics Lou! You are so pretty! ;) Love the pumpkins. I wish halloween was celebrated over here, it looks like so much fun. :)


    1. Man, am I ever glad I decided to wamble through your blog, or I would have missed these fantastic pictures. I can't believe Mo chose to be a spooky clown either, and I wouldn't have recognized ANY of you. The pumpkins are AWESOME and no wonder you have RSS(repetitive scooping syndrome).


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