Friday, 25 January 2013

So,its friday already...

Photo copyright of Claire Spelling Photography.
Morning Peeps!!

I hope you are all having a fabulous friday. Mine is going to be a funny one. I have a poorly little Mo at home with me still, last night was dreadful but he seems a little happier this morning, and then this afternoon it is time for me to say goodbye to a dear person at his memorial service.

James lit a huge fire in anyone he met and was such a beautiful person but very sadly he died in november in a car crash.Its been a huge loss for all of his friends and family, especially his fiancĂ©e Vicky, his parents and his brother Paul. He wouldn't of wanted people to be sad about his death because he was so full of positivity.His funeral was back in november in Devizes but many of us from here in Lincoln could not make it so we are saying our goodbyes today. If you knew James and can be there I am sure that Vicky and James family would love to have you there. The service is at 2pm at All Saints Church in Nettleham,Lincoln and then onto the Lincolnshire Poacher pub for 3pm to celebrate James.

The lady who took the photograph above is the uber talented Claire Spelling. It was very hard for JRFS to come up with a fitting tribute to James but along with the help of James's close family and friends they put together an awesome calendar to raise money for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance and James's memorial fund.
I am hoping to get mine soon, after all who wouldn't want to see a bit of James everyday?!
Ok, so thats me for today! 
I am off to get a cuppa and have a snuggle with Mo and then take the day as it comes today!
Have a wonderful day everyone
huge hugs Lou xxx

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  1. What a fantastic way to give a tribute to somebody who must have been a very special person... Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine


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