Thursday, 12 December 2013

Sorry for Bee-ing so silly ....

Morning peeps!! 

Its Throwback Thursday over on the Tiddly Inks blog, and its my turn to share a creation with us. I used the super cute 3x4 set called Happy Bee Day clear stamps.
Happy Bee Day Clear Stamp Set  3x4
and to compliment them just fabulously I used the honey comb paper from the Bugging Out paper set.
Bugging Out Digital Papers - Set of 3
So, why did I need to make a sorry card? :( because I am just a total nelly thats why :(

On Monday little Mo took part in his first ever celebration assembly at his new school and spoke about his Lowry picture to an entire hall full of parents. He spoke without having words written on a piece of paper to follow and just freely told them about how he did his picture. He looked at the wall the entire time but for him it was a massive achievement and I was so proud I was all teary.
I took a couple of photo's and came home buzzing that he is doing so well and his teacher is just so wonderful to help him gain so much confidence in the short time she has had him with her.
I carefully edited the photo's to make sure the children's faces were all airbrushed out and then shared the photo's of Mo on my facebook page.
What I didn't think think of doing was airbrushing Mo's teachers face too or asking permission to share the photo's first :( I am so ashamed of myself and so embarassed too :( I was so proud that I turned selfish and just wanted to share my joy.
One of my friends on facebook, who knows Mo's teacher, then went on to tell her that she had seen the photo's, in a nice way and Mo's headteacher said it was a lovely conversation but still that Mo's teacher felt a little strange being on a photo so I said I would remove them from my facebook.
I came home and did it right away.
I am so devastated. I spent yesterday feeling very upset and still fell horrid about it today :( so I made a card to say sorry.

I know it has all made me a lot more aware of facebook now and how people can be so I won't make the same mistake again and I just don't feel my normal happy self at the minute.

Thank you for popping in on me
huge hugs Lou xxx


  1. Don't worry about the teacher hun, it was an honest mistake, which you corrected right away. It does make me think about how we upload things and share. So not only was a good lesson for yourself, but others as well. :D

    LOVE the card btw, she is so adorable and the papers are fabulous.

  2. Oh Lou, I feel so sorry for you. I am sure that Mo's teacher was not upset by you sharing in your joy and proud mum moment.
    Your card is so beautiful, I love the cute image, gorgeous flowers and wonderful colours too.
    Take care,
    hugs Sue xx

  3. Gorgeous card sweetie love the lush colours.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  4. aww bless you, we all make mistakes. Don't feel bad. Gorgeous card x

  5. You poor baby! We all do things that we regret and I really hope you are feeling better about it! Congratulations to your son and to you for being such a wonderful mother!!

  6. Oh, with all the excitement and emotion involved, it is easy to see why you overlooked ONE face! It was an honest mistake... And some peeps wouldn't have even have blanked any of the faces, or asked. So there.

    Anyway, I love that these papers go so perfectly with the image. And I WISH I could colour with soft colours like this. Everything I do, turns out WHAM. Even the soft pink apron I am trying now is turning out more salmon pink. Sigh. Xx

  7. Good morning sweetie this is just gorgeous one of my all time fave images, hugs Pops x x x

  8. oh dear one, sure she will forgive after receiving this gorgeous card, the most wonderous things about mistakes is that they are teaching tools, so be kind and generous with yourself cause you are some kind of special, hugs

  9. This is beautiful - such a warm and lovely card!

  10. so stunning your gorgeous flowers and image and fabulous colouring :D
    I hope you are feeling chirpier now hun.

    xx coops xx


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