Friday 2 January 2015

Little Angel....

Image- Little Angel from Saturated Canary.
Morning everyone!!

Ok, I admit it, I know she is kinda a christmassy image but oh my is she just perfect for an uplifting card. I don't mind saying one little bit that I am still quite happy making christmas cards...which is rather funny as I totally missed out on sending them! so this one is a bit toned down and going out as a happy new year card for my Aunty Sally-Anne.

My Aunty is really rather special. In the last 2 years she has had cancer 3 times, yup, not once but 3 times in different places and she has fought it amazingly 3 times. She has picked up her life after her husband finally became honest enough to tell her there was someone else ( for 10 years...) but she didn't let that frighten her and has found the most amazing partner. She has raised 2 gorgeously wonderful children, who I am very proud to have as my cousins and I can honestly say she is more my best friend than my Aunty, I love her with all my heart. So you can never get all that love onto one card! and I would die trying!! so instead I am letting her know she is my angel. She has held me up high through so, so many bad times throughout my life. So to explain the bits I got onto it!! the heart filmy thing is a circle, eternally round and encircling the hearts within and the image is just gorgeous and of course, an angel. Soft colours and gentle papers.

There is a little heart quietly tucked behind the bow to show that love ties all together. It might look a boring and simple card but it is full of everything I needed to say to her in one look. I hope she gets that when she opens it.

Right got to go! woofers to walk and a little guy to soak up time with!

Huge hugs Lou xxx


  1. Your card is anything but boring and simple Lou ! I love it ! Love the image and the papers... Your aunty seems to be somebody very special ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  2. Aww Lou hunny, you made me cry a little bit! I LOVE your sweet angel card and what a beautiful tribute to such a special person in your live. I LOVE the gorgeous heart retro movie reel and your soft colour palette. Truly beautiful hunny, in all the little details. Big hugs to you my sweet friend. I didn't get Christmas cards sent this year, so I'll have to start crafting from now to be organised for next year! Happy squeezes, Wends x

  3. Beautiful card, made by a beautiful person for a precious person.xx


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