Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Cutie Pie...

 Image- Cutie Pie from Tiddly Inks.
Slider Card Tutorial- Dawn's Stamping Thoughts

Morning everyone!

I've ha d a rough couple of days but am feeling a bit more Lou-ish today so the big pooter has been turned on for a blog post! wahoooooo!!!

Yesterday was my very special friend Erin's birthday. She is such a special lady so I wanted something with a bit of awwwwwww factor. I just had to have another go at the super fun slider card I have been so enjoying. I don't know what it is about them but I just LOVE them! Its so fun to pull up the little slider part!!

And of course, the brand new Cutie Pie from Tiddly Inks  images had to come out too, they just make me smile from ear to ear! they are the sweetest little things. 

The inside just has a little decoration and I write on the back of the slider.
I have the date and time for having my Picc Line fitted now so I just need to do some talking with myself before it goes in that I can super whizz and manage it being in for 4 months ( are looking at a girl that doesn't even like plasters here!! lol!!!).

Right, I'm going to have a raspberry tea and label up my new stash of magnolia stamps from Swedish House Crafts...oh my!!! they are seriously way too gorgeous!! I got some dies too so I am seeing how long I can hold myself off playing with them (...I give myself like......5 minutes!! bwah ha ha ha!!!!).

Huge hugs, Lou xxxxxx


  1. Another gorgeous creation, Lou! Jo x

  2. Sweet card. So nice that you thought of your good friend while you've not been feeling well. I know she'll appreciate it even more.

    Sorry to hear that you've had a few rough days. I'm glad you're feeling better now. Have fun playing with your new stuff.

  3. I meant to ask what a plaster was.

    1. A plaster here in the U.K. is a band aid or Elastoplast in other countries I think! The little pre packaged teeny sticky dressings you cover a cut with xxxx

    2. Now I understand. Thanks, Lou.

  4. How long did you last? Hehe. Have fun playing with the new stash hun, I always love seeing what you do with it!! Stunning creation today, Erin is sure to love it to bits!! Love the slider design, that is super fun. Super cute image too and perfectly coloured as always.

    You're going to be fine when the put the PICC line in hun. It's going to make life so much easier for you in the long run and even if you have a wee wobble as it's happening, I know you're going to rock it, just like you have everything else. You truly are amazing Lou and I send you love each and every day from NZ, so even when you're feeling a bit knocked down, just know there are loads of us, all over the world, propping you up hunny. Mwah, Wends xoxo


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