Monday, 14 August 2017

Shoulders boy and Look Ma Girl....

Images- Shoulders Boy C.
Morning everyone!
It's Lou in with a post for you today and I've been busy making a birthday card for one of my amazing BF's mini peeps to give to their Daddy for his birthday.

Her little boy has the most beautiful curly hair so Shoulders Boy C was just perfect to get the right effect for his hair and her little girl has totally rocked the riding a bike without stabilizers thing this week....I mean like take the stabilizers off and she was gone straight away!! and I was super lucky to see it all happen too, so special.

So I really wanted the card to reflect all those elements...thank goodness for Maurie and her amazing images because I knew where to head right away!! 

I'm not sure what me and my little guy will be up to today yet. I've got some swelly legs and feet and my BP is a bit pants so I need to ring the Dr to see about getting my BP meds sorted and a but of a diuretic tablet to sort out the swelly legs and feet!!

Thank you for popping in, hugs Lou xxxx


  1. Gorgeous card, love the colours and a fabulous image for a daddy :) I sympathise totally with the puffy legs thing and BP has been extremely high for months and I have had to change my meds several times but that seems to be under control now. My legs were swollen to the point I didnt have an ankle at all and i was drinking tons of water to try to combat it...nothing...then a few weeks ago I felt really tired one day (lack of sleep) so had a few cups of black coffee for first time in months....within a day my legs were down and have stayed down ever since !
    Sorry for long comments but I thought i would share what has helped me :)
    Hugs Kaz xx

  2. Stunning Lou! I love the image merge and the colours, the bright blue boarder and the distressing, such a gorgeous effect, I love it! Another utterly delish card hun. Hugs, Wends xoxo


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