Saturday 14 October 2023

A little post from Me!! Tilda with a Bee!!

Stamp- Tilda with bee.

 Well! Hello little blogaverse of mine! 

It's been a long while since I've posted so I thought I bet swoosh away the cobwebs and tumbleweeds and post a card I made back in August!! 

Since August we have been busy with renovating our crafty garage into a little room for Little Mo to have a little more independence and continue to develop his skills of bravery!!!! (I say Little Mo but the truth is he is an 18 year old who towers above me now!!!!).

He is quite happily pootling doing his second year of his Level 3 in Animal Management and has a lovely little job in a local kennels as a kennel assistant which he thoroughly enjoys.

I am still pootling along making cards tough I haven't really been able to reach any of my stamps, dies, pens etc since we started the garage conversion because they are all tucked away safe for when Scott makes me a new crafty space upstairs in the house in Mo's old bedroom when he goes out to his new little room in the garage! 

Right, that's the pooter keys back in blag action and the dust blown away so I'll get back to assisting Scott with the new sliding doors we are putting in upstairs! I might be a little bit addicted to them but the space they give you back from open/close type doors in a smaller house like ours is phenomenal, our en suite feels soooo big would do if it wasn't full of my craft draws and boxes.....!!!

Huge hugs, Lou xxxx

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  1. I could hardly believe my eyes when you popped up this morning on my list, so lovely to see one of your beautiful cards again.
    I hope your well, your son has shot up, he is so tall and sounds like a lovely young man. xx


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