Thursday, 5 August 2010

Playing with fabric!!!

Good morning peeps!!!!!

The sun is shining here in little ole lincoln today so I am playing catch up with my washing pile!!!

Now I have been so excited about my new DT home and I having a good play this last couple of days making some funky hand bits!!! I have printed so much out that my printing ink has run out!!!!! It was so worth it though!!!

I made this cute little fabric bag with my dreams come true papercraft factory and the bag template from the Funky Seasons cd.
As always I was spoilt for choice in the colourways and got little mo to choose a colour in the end!! he said he "I want a sunny colour because it was rainy outside!!" awww, though he did have great fun puddle splashing and a quick bike ride around the block before it started to pour down again!!!
How did I make it into the rub-ably soft material it is?!!!! It was easy!!!
First I got my blackout lining material. I use this because one side of it has the most gorgeous soft almost velour feel to it. I printed out the handbag template my normal printing paper (its 160gsm and fabulous!) then I ran it through my creatopia to make a big funky hand bag sticker!!!!
Then I stuck my funky sticker to the back of my blackout lining and gave it a good rub!! then all I did was trim around the edges and pop it back into the printer, material side up and printed the dreams come true paper on it! It dries really quickly so I just cut and scored it as I normally would and popped the bag together. I used sticky strip as its fab for being strong!! I love the little spotty paper inside the bag as it looks so pretty and covers up the boring bit of the material beautifully!!
I made a little flap for it to make it a bit handbag styley!! I drew an oval for the tag and stamped a quick happy birthday on it, added a little ribbon to it and glued it on.
The closing for the little flap is just a bow tied through a couple of eyelets on both the bag and the flap.
Mo loved the little bag, he found it when I went to make a cuppa and by the time I had get back into my craft room there were 7 little lego men peeking at me from inside the bag!!!!! so today I have the task of making another one!!
Right must go and hang on the first lot of washing and get a second load on (...the pile is rather large!!!!)
Hugs Lou xxxx


  1. oh hun its sooooo stunning i love it :) huggs jo x

  2. Hi Lou this is just gorgeous.....I'm very jealous of your talent girl is there any chance you can pop some of that talent in a little envelope & send it my way please lol. This really is fab hun I love it. I've never tried putting things like that thru my printer I get worried incase it cahpoops on me lol. Take care hun

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  3. What a clever idea. I've never tried putting material through my printer - but I don't know if I'm brave enough to give it a go. Great bag. Jaqui x


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