Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Please pinch me, I must be dreaming!!!

Oh my goodness me!!!!! I am so excited. I couldn't even sleep properly last night and I was desperate to email friends and shout from rooftops!!!!!
Why I am so excitable today?!!!!
Check out the top left of my blog.........just under the header......where it says........

I am still not quite sure I believe it and keep pinching myself!!!!!! I am so excited about being on the same team as the awesome ladies whose creations I look at with a dropped jaw every month on the get funky challenge blog and on their own blogs!
I really am just so happy!! Thank you so much team funky for looking at me and thinking I might fit, I hope I can make you all proud.
And little Mo's response to all this was.........
" mummy do you think funky lady will wave to me from create and craft now ?"
I was rolling on the floor with laughter, bless him!!!!!!
Off to make some more funky bits now (....that is if i can reach my printer from here up on the ceiling where I am still dancing and floating!!!!!)
Great big happy hugs
Lou xxxxx


  1. Hi Lou, you really shouldn't be suprised your work is fabulous. truly, looking forward to your designs. love chris xx

  2. woooo-hooo get up on that rooftop! Well done Lou

  3. Congrats Lou! So happy for you! That just how I felt when I was picked to be on the Lilyboo DT :)

  4. Congratulations I am so pleased for you and look forward to seeing some great creations.
    Michelle x

  5. Congratulations Lou!! I am excited for you, I know how much you love their product!! I hope you have a lot of fun on the team :)

  6. YEEE HAAA Iknew you could do it girl!! Huge Congrats to you Lucy and so well deserved! I'm soo excited for you!
    Big hugs

  7. Congrats Lou, you deserve it hunni.....all of your creations are amazing!!! I've never been on that blog, actually I didnt know it existed, oops showing my newbie side here arnt I lol. Well I'm gonna have a peekskie over there now. Big congrats to you again enjoy 'Dancing on the ceiling' tra la la (dont know the rest of the words hee he he)

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  8. Hiya sweetie, a HUGE welcome to the team, you will love it with all us funky peeps, so glad Anice picked you,
    big hugs
    En xx

  9. welcome to the funkiest team in blogland...you are going to love it and I'm sure Anice will give Mo the biggest wave next time she is on C&C...hugs kath xxx

  10. Whooo=hoooooooooo!! And welcome to the team!! You'll love it!!!!

  11. WOOHOOO Lou!!!! I know you're a happy camper over this and I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to see more of your funky work. Congratulations!!!!

  12. Oh you clever girl Lou, I knew they would snap you up before long. A very big well done.
    Yes I am back in the land of craft - well just have a toe in at the moment but I will email you in the next couple of days.
    Max x

  13. Congratulations Lou, well & truly deserved, your blog is beautiful
    Hugz Fleur xXx

  14. Congrats hunny you really deserve it and have a fab time.
    Karen x x x x

  15. Congrats Lou you so deserve it. Yours cards are always so inpsiring and very cleverly designed. Well done!

    Kaye x

  16. I laughed so much at little Mo's comment that he wants Funky Lady to wave at him..no ones ever called me that before..plenty of other thing but not Funky!! Corrinas little girl wont watch me anymore because I don't reply to her when she speaks to me when I'm on her TV!
    I'm so pleased that you agreed to join the Funky Hand DT, I know it will be great fun.
    Big hugs
    Anice xx

  17. Hi Lou

    Many congratulations on joining the Funky Gang!

    I am looking forward to working with you.

    Am I right in thinking you are a bit excited??!?!? LOL!!!

    Love Jules xx

  18. congrats and looking forward to working with you

  19. Congratulations Lou, so pleased to have you join the Funky Hand gang. :)x


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