Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Dancing with stars Tilda for Divas by Design......

Stamp- Dancing with stars Tilda.
Browns- Burnt sienna, caramel and sandstone.
pinks- Burnt orange, coral,sunkissed pink and blush.
Blues- Midnight blue, denim blue,pastel blue,cool aqua.
Tonne of blender pen!!
Morning all!!

well this little make for the new Divas by Design challenge today nearly didn't make it!! yesterday was a bit of a doozey for me as while trying to help someone else out with an image of hers that had been stolen, the very same thing had happened to me :( ....and several..not 1 or 2 ...but several of my Tiddly Inkers teamies. The person who did it had even left parts of our watermarks on the images she had stolen...grrrrrr. And I only stumbled upon this lady by trying to help someone else out! ack!! So last night I was sad :( it took me until 9pm and a tonne of kind words and messages from friends to cheer me up and I finally felt a squidge crafty again so along came my creation for the new challenge, which is a totally rocking one.....
Use any Magnolia stamp!
ooooooooooh perfection!!!!!
we are sponsored by Magnalicious this week too!!

I absolutely adore my magnolia stamps. I do not have nearly as many as I neeeeeeeeeeeed! romfl! but to me they are just magical. I don't know what it is about them but I just love them! my first stamp I ever bought was a magnolia stamp and I told myself I couldn't buy one until I had learnt how to't laugh...this was the first magnolia stamp I bought and coloured all those years ago!! oh dear...can't believe I am sharing this...all the way from 2009 when I first started colouring using whisper pens!!!
te he he he!! 

Anyways, today I am feeling better about the whole images stolen thing. There were enough of us cross for the lady to remove our work from both her facebook crafting page and her personal page too so thats all done and dusted. I am always surprised by how icky some crafty people are so don't forget peeps, watermark up! put your watermark right over the focal point of your card, so if its a stamp, splodge that watermark over the stamped image!!

Oh and while I am on my high horse, just pop into your pinterest boards and delete every uncoloured/ unwatermarked image you may of pinned from an artist to colour up...thats just wrong too. If you want it, go buy it from their shop.

Huge hugs and squishes
Lou xxxx


  1. Love your Tilda make! fabulous design, she is just so cute!
    Sorry you had such a rough day yesterday <3
    Love,Mel. xxx

  2. Your tag is gorgeous Lou ! Love the texture ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  3. Aww Dancing Tilda is really sweet Lou! you've coloured her beautifully! I love the corrugated card…. it looks fab with the red and blue!
    aww your first magnolia stamp is adorable… your colouring is way better than my first attempts!!
    Sorry about the stolen images… it's very upsetting and it amazes me how often people do it… don't know how they have the nerve!
    Enjoy the rest of the week! :-)
    Big hugs Sue xx

  4. Hi Lou,oh bless there really are some not so nice folks out there and well done for sorting it all :0) BIG HUG !!! Your make is gorgeous Lou and looks good to me from all those years ago,when I look at old makes of mine I just cringe lol!!. Pleased your having a nicer day,hugs Lou.xxxxx

  5. so stunning the fab textures and your tilda is gorgeous :D

    xx coops xx

  6. Ohhh this is absolutely gorgeous!! hugs Pops x x x

  7. I really love tolda images but I just can't do her justice. Your tag is beautiful and I love the texture with the backing.
    The way you have displayed the tag up photograph it is gorgeous and very professional.

    <3 & hugs
    Lisa xxxx


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