Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Super Kid....

Image- my super Boys clear stamp set (now retired)
but you can use My Batty Hero.
Morning everyone!

Oh my am I enjoying the school holidays and some Little Mo time. It really feels so good to kick back from the routine of school and just play! and the bonus of having him home is that he totally and utterly inspires me to get my 'boy' makes on!! he he!!

I wanted to make Mo a special little card because his bravery after my diagnosis and his compassion while I have been sore from surgeries has been amazing. We are teaching him to come to terms with mummy going bald with humour and he has been fantastic.

So this card was just for him and he loved it when I snuck it under his door quietly while he was reading on his bed yesterday and he came down and gave me a big kiss after he had opened it. I LOVE that he is not afraid to do that.

And me...I've been struggling with the itchiness of healing through the night! OH MY GOODNESS!! there is really nothing worse than an itch you can't scratch because you can't actually work out where the route of the blooming itching is because you have no real sensation around it and it's itching inside??!!! arghhhhhhh!!! My wonderful Aunty has told me to deploy the old Piriton so that is going to be the way forward!! he he!! 

And my actual scars? well they are looking pretty damn fine :) My scars are like my bodies natural tattoos. They tell my story and they make me smile every time I see them, like a beautiful map of my journey. Don't be afraid of your scars peeps, own them.

I kinda feel a little sorry for Cancer,it totally picked the wrong girl to try!!!!

huge hugs and love, Lou xxxxx


  1. Cute card. Y'all are doing a great job with the little one and not trying to hide anything. Hiding it would make it scarier. When he knows what to expect it makes it easier on him.

    Keep kicking cancer, Lou. You're fighting for us too.

  2. A fabulous card for your little guy who have been so brave through your
    path with the cancer. Love your outlook, your scars will fade after time.
    Have a great time over Easter together xx

  3. That card is so utterly adorable Lou! I swear Christy must have sketched 'Mo' when she drew this! It's SO him!! What a gorgeous way to acknowledge the little star he's been during all this scary stuff Lou. He will have been so chuffed for sure. What a gorgeous mummy too, to acknowledge him in such a beautiful way. Your strength during this journey is showing him how to tackle big things in life and he will learn from your courage hunny. Love that you can embrace your scars as part of your 'story and journey' in life. You are a rare gem sweetheart, beautiful inside and out. Oodles of love, Wends xoxo

  4. A brilliant card for your little Mo, he sounds like a real super kid, must take after you Lou, you amaze me with your sheer upbeat outlook, your family must be so proud of you...xxx

  5. Fantastic card, Lou! I love the colours and the layout. All the best to you.


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