Monday, 17 April 2017

Easter Chickie....

Image- Easter Chickie.
Morning everyone!

I'm in for you with my Dream Team make of the week. I was working on something else I wanted to show you but then the uber easter cuteness that is Easter Chickie overcame me and I couldn't resist the tweetness!!

Isn't it just so cute! It's the bunny in the basket that's the clincher!! 

Don't forget the sale is still going so take time to get a few bits from your wishlist!!


So today Mo is picking up a book he has ordered with his easter pennies from my Aunty and pre ordering the next book out from his Cogheart bok that he loed. He is very into steampunk so has been reading steampunk novels! That little man always has his head in a book!! So I am just going to smoosh around with the boys of the house and maybe squeeze in a little crafty time! he he!!

I also need to start popping a few bits in my 'cancer bag' ready for chemo on Friday. Scott is allowed to stay with me for this first session but I think the entire 6 hours may have him falling asleep so I figure he can come for a couple of hours and then scoot off and get some bits done until I am done and then come fetch me! So far I have a new book to read, a selection of promarkers, a few images to colour up and some nibbles!!

And my little fundraising page!! oh my my my!!! it's at a whopperoonie...

I am so, so thankful for all the love and wonderful messages people have been leaving too. It's just amazing.

Right, time for a cuppa!!Have a wonderful day evryone, Huge Hugs Lou xxx


  1. Cute, cute card, just lovely...hope your having a nice Easter...x

  2. I don't have Facebook so I didn't even see the picture of your braids until this morning. I'm glad that I clicked on the Fundraising page again. Which, I have been trying to get help with. I've been trying to make a donation, albeit a small one, but I can't find a way to change it to the money I am able to donate. It always puts me on certain amounts. If you could explain how to change it that would be great. If not, I'll donate locally here in the U.S.

    1. Hi Bunny. You change the amount in the big box.You just click on it and delete the big amount and pop your own in. I don't like the way it does that and doesn't make it easy for people to see how to do it :( xxxx


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